2020 Deep Dive Rookie OT’s
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Time to get into the OT in this draft. They may not be as fun to read about as the Skill positions but they are one of the most important positions on the field.  Below are arguably the TOP 10 tackles you will see drafted this April!

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Alabama OT Jedrick Wills

Jedrick Wills – Alabama 6-5 320

– Strong
– Creates huge movement
– Creates leverage points
– Heavy hands
– Punches with great placement and timing
– Shows good balance and control
– Great footwork in pass pro
– Good awareness

– Has great foot speed but needs to count on it more at the next level with his technique
– At times let’s his hands go low allowing defends a chance to beat him
– Played only on the Right side (tuas blind side) can he adjust to the left side still

Wills is polished and has a mean streak about him to punish defenders. His main knock is can he play the left side on a line after years of being on the ride. I am sure he can but that could be what makes him slide some, but you are getting a sound tackle.

Iowa OT Tristan Wirfs

Tristan Wirfs – Iowa 6-5 322

– Impressive mobility/body control
– Shows good functional strength
– Uses his hips well
– Plenty of pop out of his stance to stun a defender
– Has the athletic speed to work next level on run blocks
– Has ability to play Guard as well as RT or LT

– Can be late to his punches in pass pro allowing defenders to get inside of him
– Can be top heavy when run blocking. Making him fall over before getting to his 2nd level block
– Can continue to work on hand placement

Wirfs is a very athletic tackle for his size. He has the ability to play all over the line.  He started 3.5 at RT with some time late at LT and impressed there. He can dominate at guard if he fails at the tackle position.  He is strong and just needs to polish up some of his skill sets but is easily in the running for top tackle this year.

Louisville OT Mekhi Becton

Mekhi Becton – Louisville 6-7 369

– Huge man (good luck getting around him)
– Strong but raw
– Athletic and nimble on his feet for his size
– Huge reach and wing span
– Body control and balance

– Size. Can he keep his weight in check to be his most effective self
– Technique is still raw and can use some polishing

Becton is my favorite tackle in the class. He needs to improve his technique and won’t be able to bully college competition with just his size like he did but he showed growth in this technique and I believe it is coming along nicely making him a intriguing player to anchor your LT for 10 plus years.

Georgia OT Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas – Georgia 6-5 320

– Powerful and strong
– Fires out of stance
– Heavy hands and a strong punch
– Smart pre snap
– Looks the part
– Consistent

– Hand placement can be to high
– Can panic  when beat By speed rushers
– Can be to aggressive on the field

Thomas has the most experience at LT out of the big 4. He needs to work on his hand placement and make sure he doesn’t get flagged for being to aggressive on the field. You are going to get a solid year in year out high production left tackle with this kid.

Houston OT Josh Jones

Josh Jones – Houston 6-5 311

– Ideal size
– Shows good mobility and athletic ability
– Improved as a run blocker
– Shows good strike variations
– Shows foot speed to keep pace with rushers
– Has ability to take advantage of leverages and angles
– Experience player
– Impressive senior bowl week

– Technical growth
– Hands can be to low
– Allows opponents to get into his frame
– Show more pop and stun power
– Football IQ?

Jones impressed at the senior bowl week making him rise up boards. He has all the skills, size, strength and athletic ability to be an elite LT. He needs to work on the fundamentals and develop a bit more. He has a chance to go late 1st to a team who missed on the top 4 big tackles prospects.

Boise St. OT Ezra Cleveland

Ezra Cleveland – Boise State 6-6 310

– Great mobility and uses it well on speed rushers
– Works good in zone scheme
– Range in space
– Keeps feet and hips engaged during blocks
– Mirror ability
– 3 year starter
– Effective punch

– Lacks overall strength
– Can look to create more power in his punch and drive people in the run game
– Could struggle against bull rush
– Not a mauler
– Effective and consistent but never dominated on tape

Cleveland needs to build up his strength and find the fire in his belly to become a mean man on the line and reach his full potential. He has the athletic ability and experience to match defenders and block them well. He may work best in a zone scheme at the next level.

TCU OT Lucas Niang

Lucas Niang – TCU 6-7 328

– Big and athletic
– Powerful blocker
– Shows good lateral movement skills and ability to work in space
– Rolls his hips into contact
– Accelerates feet to create movement in the run game
– Good awareness in pass protection
– Scheme versatile

– Foot work needs an overhaul to reach his set point
– Can open hips to soon allowing a rush lane to open
– Build a better base to hold defenders longer
– Needs to build his lower half some
– Watch weight in mid section

Niang is a big man who packs a punch on the line.  He versatile and moves well for this size to play multiple schemes. To reach his full potential he must work on his foot work and body control  to get the most out of his power and skills.

USC OT Austin Jackson

Austin Jackson  – USC 6-6 310

– Foot speed to get out of his stance quick
– Speed to handle speed rushers
– Quick punch and effective in pass blocking
– Can work well in zone
– 2 year starter at LT
– Body has room to develop more strength and fill out more

– Can be more of a positional blocker needing angles to aid him
– Doesn’t push defender back as much as you want in the run game
– Can get to top heavy at times
– Needs to play with better bend and power
– Lower body strength is lacking
– Footwork as a pass blocker needs work

Jackson looks the part and has the body to grow more into the position.  He needs to work on his overall strength and footwork technique to become more NFL ready. His tape can be inconsistent at times and hope it can be change than being stuck in his ways.

Georgia OT Isaiah Wilson

Isaiah Wilson – Georgia 6-7 340

– Massive man with some good explosion
– Has the power in the run game
– He punches hard and the defender will feel it
– Shown improvement in the pass game
– Has some great moments just moving and stopping great rushers

– Inconsistent hand placement
– Improve his timing
– Tightness in his lower half
– Awareness in pass protection is inconsistent
– Footwork still needs work

2 year starter at RT. He shows great blend of size power and mobility.  When Wilson is on he could be the best tackle on the field. The power alone will make defenders not want to face him for 60 minutes. He must continue to work on his technique and foot work to be more consistent on tape.

Auburn OT Prince Tega Wanogho

Prince Tega Wanogho – Auburn 6-5 307

– Springy into his pass sets
– Athletic with a basketball background
– Shines as a pass blocker
– Shows ability to recover quick
– Used as a puller in the run game

– Still raw and learning the game
– Lower half is a bit small
– Smaller legs helps his speed but lacks power
– Doesn’t pack the punch you want
– Defenders are able to shred from him due to his lack in power
– Needs to learn to finish blocks

Still raw and learning. Wanogho has a lot of tools teams will like. They will need to make him stronger and teach him to use his size to his advantage.  His athletic ability will allow him to start early and mirror defenders. He is a good Day 2 tackle for a team waiting to address the need.

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