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The 2020 draft is slowly approaching.  We need to now give love to the big men on the defense line side. Below are 11 of the biggest D-Lineman you will see.  Each with there own set of skills and likely you could see there names taken with in the first 2 days of the draft

Derrick Brown – Auburn 6-5 318

Auburn DT Derrick Brown

– Amazing size and speed combination
– Penatrating power
– Explosive off line
– Willing to sacrifice himself on a play for teammate to make play
– Can play all over the DL and any system

– Can sometimes explode to hard and miss a play at times
– Can sometimes struggled if forced to go another way to make a play
– Does not have any true pass rush move

Brown is an elite talent that can play in a 3-4 or 4-3 defense. He has great power and athletic ability to stop the run and rush the passer up the middle. He is going to make a team happy in the top 10.

Javon Kinlaw – South Carolina  6-5 315

South Carolina DT Javon Kinlaw

– Excellent one gap penetration
– Explodes out of stance
– Transformed body from 2018 to 2019 (added much needed strength)
– Can dominate with power and quickness
– Plays with a good motor
– Shows great improvement with hand fighting
– Has lateral movement to work down the line

– Still room to grow body to reach full potential
– Can get pushed down field at times against the run
– Can fall victim to screen and draws
– Can get pad levels to high
– Consistent with leverage and angles

Kinlaw is a powerful man who can disrupt any offensive line.  He has shown great improvement over the years and needs to keep working on his craft. He is a talented man up the middle for a top 15 team.

Neville Gallimore – Oklahoma  6-2 304

Oklahoma DE Neville Gallimore

– Shoots the single gap well
– First step quickness is great
– Competes every snap
– Shows active hands
– Good pop in his strike
– Closing burst on the ball
– Shows good rush variety

– Can struggle against the run at times
– Struggles when double teamed
– Some question where he can play on the line

Gallimore reminds me a lot of Javon Hargraves the newest highest paid NT in football.  He’s questioned about his ability in the run game but has impressive gap penetration to rush the QB up the middle. He is a fringe first. Early 2nd round prospect if you can’t get one of the top 2 DT this year

Ross Blacklock – TCU 6-4 305

TCU DL Ross Blacklock

– Shows good power speed and size
– Good motor
– Works the edge of the blocks and powers through
– Does well placing his hands and playing with extension
– Great timing and placing of hands
– Good strikes
– Keeps pads low to get most out of his power
– Took on a lot of double teams
– Ability to play multiple assignments

– Missed all of 2018 with Achilles injury
– Processing plays need to improve
– Some style and technical transition to NFL

There’s a lot to love about Blacklock. He has rare combinations of size and power and ability.  He needs to learn to develop and process plays better and faster to excel and get the most out of his ability at the next level .

Marlon Davidson – Auburn 6-3 297

Auburn DL Marlon Davidson

– First step quickness out if stance
– Heavy hands
– Good pad level
– Pop in his punch and good leverage and quick steps
– Good juice and energy
– Amazing motor
– Lateral movement is amazing
– Shows good rush ability
– Competes hard against the run gaps

– Was miscast as a 3-4 OLB early on. Learning how to work the DL more
– Length at time can come into question
– Blockers can get into his frame to easily
– Can improve in block recognition and processing

Davidson is a 4 year starter who finally find his true falling on the DL and excelled. He has quick feet and movement off the ball. He is a perfect 4-3 three technique at the next level.   He is a late first to mid 2nd round prospect with high high upside

Justin Madubuike – Texas A&M 6-3 304

Texas A&M DL Justin Madubuike

– Excellent skill set to gap penetration
– Great leverage
– Pads are always low and maximize his strength
– Times the snap well
– Quick release off snap
– Change of direction on the line

– Effort wavers
– Moments his release and leverage are sloppy
– Needs to use his hands more to keep pads cleaned from blockers

Justin has put together 2 consecutive productive seasons at A&M. He has appealing penetration skills. Shows good explosion and ability to create leverage.  He needs to work on consistent play and motor.  He still has some learning to do but can work in on rotation early for a defense and develop.

Raekwon Davis – Alabama 6-7 312

Alabama DT Raekwon Davis

– Powerful with length
– Built to clog up the middle of the D-Line
– Plays with good leverage
– Hard to move
– Massive tackle radius
– Delivers a massive punch against the O-Line

– Production steadily declines since 2017
– Never took that next step
– Was with the wrong crowd which he contributes to him not reaching next level. Says he is no longer with that crowd
– Develop is vision  and timing
– Timing needs to improve
– Can he develop any pass rush moves?

Davis could be a day 2 steal. He has top DT talent in his tool box that is waiting to be unleashed and tapped into. He must improve his timing and show hes ready to make that next step. If he does he will fill gaps and make a defense a top run defense with his presents in the middle.

Jordan Elliott – Missouri 6-4 315

Missouri DT Jordan Elliot

– Showed some impressive work defending the run and anchor the point of attack
– Shows some slip to bust through the gap
– Works hands well
– Clears pads
– Experience 2 gaping

– Slow out of stance and as a rusher
– Bad tendency to pop out of stance and look in the backfield
– Learn to read and process run blocks
– Show a better motor

Elliot is not a finished product. He has room to grow and be molded. He has good play strength. He needs to continue to learn and grow but his ability to bust through the line, a team can get a good mid round piece to groom

Larrell Murchison – NC State 6-2 294

NC State DL Larrell Murchison

– High effort player that goes hard every snap
– Hands always busy
– Athletic and explosive
– Shows ability to make plays at or behind the line
– Brings upside as a 5 technique

– Hands can be more acting than effective
– Continue to build play strength
– Need to improve leverage and change of direction
– Lateral movement is below average

Versatile D-Line option with his skill sets to Penetrate all over the line. His best quality is his motor. He never gives up and keeps working. Something teams will fall in love with. He needs to build up his strength but his explosion and athletic abilities will have him draft mid rounds.

Rashard Lawrence – LSU 6-2 308

LSU DL Rashard Lawrence

– First step quickness
– Gets angles and Penetrates
– Plays with good pursuit effort and urgency
– Great football character/leadership
– Active hands
– Variety of pass rush moves
– Does unselfish work
– Works hard to win his gaps
– Shows more twitch and push rush ability than expected

– Needs to process plays better
– Can stand up and look in backfield to often
– Body control is okay
– Needs to get stronger to win the point of attack more often
– Knee and ankle injuries in the past

Lawrence is a high effort player with flaws that can be coached.   He needs to get strong to match his effort and win more times at the line.  He will need to clear medical and prove he can stay healthy but has a chance to be a strong mid round DLineman

Leki Fotu – Utah  6-5 337

Utah DL Leki Fotu

– Thick build
– Physical run stopper
– Not easily moved
– Hands are strong when he wins the point of attack
– Had ability to anchor multiple gaps
– Shows good bull rush to be effective on passing downs

– Lacks twitch and athletic ability
– Not a fully effective pass rusher up the middle.  Don’t expect more than 1 or 2 sacks from him
– Work better against down blocks
– Needs to work to get on blockers edges more
– Needs to keep pad level lower

Fotu is your typical NT that is filling up gaps and taking away the run. But that’s all he is.  He won’t bring much else to the game and could he substituted out on passing downs.  He lacks much in the fast twitch athletic department to really gain much more than his powerful bull rush. With that said, there is still a need for a man of his size to take away the run and do the dirty work of taking up blocks and allowing his LB to make plays.

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