2020 Deep Dive DB’s
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This years draft class at corner is a fun one to scout. After the top two corners, you can make a case for three or four different prospects that could be corner #3. Below are my personal top 10 prospects in this years draft.

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Jeffery Okudah – Ohio State 6-1 200

Ohio State DB Jeff Okudah

– Great at man coverage
– Quick feet and good hips
– Overall great athlete
– Plus body control
– Aggressive against routes
– Recovery speed
– Willing tackler

– Use his hands more in press
– Can still drag tackle than wrap up and drive
– Still room to learn and grow in zone coverage

Okudah is the best corner in this class. He can be placed 1 on 1 with WR’s and will more than likely win. He is good at zone but can learn to develop a bit more there but you are still fine with him out there in a zone scheme.

C.J. Henderson – Florida 6-1 202

Florida DB C.J. Henderson

– Great athlete
– Recovery speed
– Patients in man coverage, stays squared to the WR
– Plays the ball well in the air
– Effective blitzer
– Trust his technique
– Good in zone coverage
– Smooth hips and awareness
– Was used to match other teams top WR all game

– Reluctant tackler in the run game
– Intentionally taken wider angles to avoid contact
– Has pulled up on plays to not make a hit
– Learn to get of blocks a bit more

Henderson is now rising from a mid first to maybe a top 10 pick. His coverage skills are amazing. With his size, speed and ability to play man and zone. His main knock is not wanting to tackle in the run game. He needs to toughen up in terms of helping there but a team could be getting a future lock done CB here.

Jeffery Gladney – TCU 6-0 183

TCU DB Jeffrey Gladney

– Quick footwork
– Change of direction is fast and fluid
– Smooth hips
– Sudden response and great body control
– Explosive plant and drive ability (closing speed)
– Recovery speed
– Can work outside and slot
– Competitive player and tackler
– Calm with ball in the air. Finds it and reacts/adjusts

Cons :
– Route anticipation in zone can improve
– Stronger on Jams at the line
– Though measured at 6 foot, seems he is missing that size to stop a catch at times

– Gladney is a mid to late first round corner that a team will be happy to snag. He has quick feet and ability to play man and zone. Outside and in the slot. He is competitive and tough as a player who need to become a bit stronger but has the making to be a teams #1 CB!

Kristian Fulton – LSU 6-0 200

LSU DB Kristian Fulton

– Man coverage skills
– Patients and balance in coverage
– Leverage and Manipulates routes
– Competitive and attacks the ball
– Never seems panicked
– Can play both man and zone
– Clean footwork

– Improve as a run defender
– Ankle tackler
– Play off contact better
– Missed 2017 due to tampering a NCAA drug test
– Bad in national champ game

Once a top recruit out of high-school and now on of the top corners in the 2020 draft. Fulton has a natural feel on the field. He has the ability to play man and zone and his ability to stay calm against passes is a plus. He needs to improve as a tackler but can be a solid corner for a teams future.

Trevon Diggs – Alabama 6-2 207

Alabama DB Trevor Diggs

– Great in zone coverage
– Shows ability to play man and crowd routes
– Decent pop to jam WAS at the line
– Patient footwork
– Stays calm
– Fluid athlete for size and length at corner

– Tackling
– Still learning position (former WR)
– Ball skills with his back to the ball arnt great
– Needs to get head around and locate the ball better
– Can try to get over aggressive on jams and get beat at the line

Diggs shows a lot of promise at Corner but still raw. He offers great length and athletic ability for the position. He’s best at zone now but shows ability to develop into a solid man coverage player. He’s a fringe 1st with great upside.

A.J. Terrell – Clemson 6-1 190

Clemson DB A.J. Terrell

– Good athlete
– Pattern matching skills
– Quick feet
– Tight coverage
– Balance patients and hand usage in press
– Challenges the point of catch
– Good eyes to read back field
– Great range and arm length

– Average tackler (needs more power and better form)
– Can be a bit handsy down the field that could turn to penalties at the next level
– Baited a lot of QBs in college. Could hurt him in pros

Terrell is a long corner with good ability in man coverage. He will need to beef up a little and work on his tackling form but has the ability to be a great lock down corner.

Jaylon Johnson – Utah 6-0 190

Utah DB Jaylon Johnson

– Long athletic frame
– Loves being a physical presents at corner
– Good jamming ability
– Crowds the routes
– Won’t be bullied at the top of the routes
– Patients and good foot work
– Always attacks the ball
– Shows good ball skills

– Can get grabby down field
– Long speed
– Reading the backfield
– Can give to much cushion and gives up some un needed yards in screens
– Tackling form is sloppy and hesitant

Long frame that loves to play man coverage and bully the WR’s. He has the skills to lock down WR’s early but could struggle against a speed technician style WR if he gets beaten early. He will need to improve as a tackler and reading the backfield more.

Noah Igbinoghene – Auburn 5-11 200

Auburn DB Noah Igbinoghenee

– Great closing speed
– Works back to the ball
– Scrappy in press coverage
– Shows good balance, hand placement and body control to crowed at the line
– Good functional strength
– Plays through contact
– Works through blocks and willing tackler in run game
– Kick return ability (27.3 Yard per Kick Return)

– Only a 2 year at the position (still learning the ins and outs)
– Processing and still calculating his decisions. Needs to feel more natural
– Track the ball better while defending
– Hands are average for a converted WR
– Tackle consistency (though willingness and doesn’t shy away)

What Noah has done in 2 years with a new position is outstanding against strong SEC competition. He is now considered a late 1st. More than likely mid 2nd round prospect at the position. Most of his negatives are more learning and growing pains. I think a team with a good DB coach Noah can accelerate his development and get a stud corner.

Damon Arnette – Ohio State 6-0 195

Ohio St. DB Damon Arnette

– Strong press cover corner
– Crowded and redirects the routes
– Balance and patients in his back pedal
– Anticipates breaks in routes
– Good hips and closing speed
– Can play zone
– Can play outside or slot

– Shows flashes but limited production making plays on the balls (INTs)
– Willing tackler for the most part but lacks ability to shed blocks
– Collapse quicker in off coverage zone
– Late bloomer

Arnette was a late bloomer playing his best ball this past year and was outstanding. He has generated some first round buzz and would not be shocked if selected in the first. I feel his grade is more Day 2 with upside to be a stud with his ability to play in mutilate schemes.

Bryce Hall – Virginia 6-1 200

Virginia CB Bryce Hall

– Good size and length for position
– Strong in press using his length
– Plays the zone
– Closing speed
– Makes plays on the ball
– Takes angles
– Wins 50/50 balls

– Lost a season due to broken ankle
– Delayed acceleration when he has to turn and go
– Struggles to stay with a receiver on complex routes
– Sure up the hands
– Inconsistent against run blocks and shedding them
– Improve tackling form

Hall is a good corner who can play zone and man. His size and length is what teams want in terms of crowding the WR. He attacks the ball well and can really excel in a zone scheme. He will lose some in man coverage if beaten. Lacking long speed. He’s a mid round corner with high upside.

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